Interview with framebuilder Ari Rosenzweig of Ari Cycles

For how long have you been building bikes?
I have been building custom bicycles since 2006. But I have tingled with bikes ever since I could remember.

What kind of bikes do you make?
I have made any kind of bikes with two wheels and even one trike. Downhill, trail, mtb, full-suspension, gravel , cross, road, touring, city, cargo and everything in between.

How did you get into framebuilding?
After making a big move with my wife and kids to Israel I decided to give frame building a chance. It was something that I had always been fascinated with. Also my family have always been involved in creation and it was a way to bridge fabrication and art.

What is your main inspiration as a framebuilder?
My biggest drive and inspiration is by far to get out and ride the bikes!!! It always serve as I reminder of why I’m building frames. But I also love when functionality and design dictates each other. There should be a balance between the two and awareness of both. If one is neglected the other one become somehow redundant. 

What tubing do you usually use?
I use any tube that benefit the purpose. Profile dimension, thickness and hardness/strength of the tube will make it more suitable for a given application. So most of the times my frames will have a mix of US, Italian and English tubing. The informed will know what brands those are….

What are your future projects?
I still have some gravel bike ideas that I would love to try - just small variations or optimisations. Also, one day, I have to make a full suspension again. In one way it is so much more complicated, but on the other hand it can be done fairly simple.

About Ari
I was born in 1971 in Copenhagen. The first many years of my working life I danced in classical and contemporary ballet companies in Denmark, Sweden and Israel. Later I started producing and choreographing dance performances for different venues. At the age of 35 I made a career change and started fabricating bicycles in Israel. Now, 13 years later I have moved back to my native Denmark. It is now time to join forces with my brother and leverage all our past experiences to make a new strong bicycle business offering both local and overseas produced bicycles.

Photos by me and Ari.

Sunrise to Sunset #2 - Steel in Motion from CaravanCollective on Vimeo.