The Hansen Is Gravel Race

The race is 140 km´s of beautiful Danish nature combined with lots of ice creme. What´s not to like.

Along the 140 km´s of tarmac, gravel and single tracks there will be 4 depots with lots of ice creme and coffee. After the race there will be food, more ice creme, coffee and cold drinks. All included in the price.

It all started many years ago when grandpapa Hans Hansen was running the Ice creme factory. Back then the company was called Frederiksborg Flødeis. He was a big fan of cycling and arranged and sponsored a bike race in the area of Jægerspris. Now it´s the grandsons who are behind the wheels and they wanted revive this tradition.

The next race is in august 2020.

You can read more about it here: www.hansenscykellø

and buy some ice creme here: